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INSIGHT by ScoreFlippers was founded by Justin & Kristin Bickler. As proud parents of gymnasts, we started this company to revitalize gymnastics meets, scoring, statistics and now athlete registration and management.

Justin, Kristin, coaches, volunteers and numerous gymnastics judges have been friends for years working side by side at hundreds of competitions. Together this partnership has flourished into an efficient and simple, ready-to-use application for managing thousands of athletes and millions of scores.

The planning has worked out and we continue to work with 1500+ meets a year and thousands of proud athletes, parents, coaches and judges. Thank you to everyone who has added ideas and influenced our vision!

We'd love to hear your feedback or work with you at the next event. Please reach out to us at anytime.

Justin & Kristin Bickler


January 2022 - Today

Over 1,000 enhancements
T&T Gymnastics has been added to INSIGHT Scoring
6 New Leagues have gone live this Competitive Season.
Over 16 million database look-ups were achieved in a 7 day period this year
League financial management has been added to INSIGHT

January 2021 - Today

Over 5,000 enhancements
Upgrade to Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting - speed is a measured 400% better
Migrated to new Merchant Processing to handle the volume
Engage Class Management expanded - includes Recurring Payments
Added 10 Associations

July 2019 - December 2020

Meet Genie Launched
Engage Class Management Launched
Added 4 Associations
Revamped PayNow functions for Scoring Licenses
Added real-time purchase for High Schools
Added Real-time rankings for Team Leaderboard and Athletes Leaderboard

August 2018 - June 2019

Score Board Functions have been addeded for all paid subscriptions.
Meet Type has been added. Used for Varsity & JV Meets in High School League competitions.
Team Page has been enhanced and streamlined.
New Meet Result PDF's have been published.
Registration has launched.
Scoring Alerts Scubscriptions have been enbaled.
Meet Control Panel is ready for the 2018-2019 Season.
MSHSL & WIAA Associations have been Created.

January 2018 - July 2018

Large amounts of hours have been put into the development of this application.
We continue to update each page and improve calculations and efficiencies.
Registration Process and Payments will launch in August and Live Scoring in October.
If you have any new ideas, please continue to contact us.
Thanks! The INSIGHT Development Team.

December 2017

Homepage Tabs have been updated to handle page refresh and loading
Tabs have been updated on the homepage to allow viewing filter for disabled/enabled
Disabled Teams and Clubs no longer appear in alot of drop downs that allow for assignment of teams, people or coaches

November 2017

Team + Site now have disable/enable buttons built into the edit functionality - this is not currently permission based any further than the ability to edit in general.
club page now displays phone number and a new field for external web page has been added to display and edit.
Clubs: update phone field is now correctly taking phone numbers. Displaying phone number correctly with added format

October 2017

Teams: teams can be disabled on the homepage under the Club Administration Tab. disabled teams are not visible across the whole site.
Requests Page for Administration to track pending site changes.
Ajax Toolkit added, allowing calander extenders and form masking across the site.
Tab Icon Added.
Clubs: Club Managers are now listed in the event that no managers are linked, the display does not appear.
Homepage Jumbotron added
Admin Page now has the ability to disable user accounts
Admin Page Filter added for enable disable
About us page now tabbed with info and log
Statistics added to Statistics Page
Homepage: Homepage Panels have been split into tabs
Statistics: has been moved to a tab now hosted in the League's Page
Google map now dynamically generated to match the given address on the Club Page.
Stats Fixed for athlete counts
Athletes: Filter modified so that all atheletes are visible at once.
Athlete Registration: Disclaimer updated.
Admin: League/Club field dropdown functionality has changed.
Browser tabs updated with page titles
Admin Page has been themed
Emailing service for account creation, contact page, and password retrieval has been restored.
Scoreflipper logo links have been updated to open in new tabs

September 2017

Updated: Homepage continues to be updated with new theme and layout changes.
Logins Are now working with the new server change.
Footer now pushed to bottom of page.

New Bootstrap theme has been added, many differnt looks and layout changes.

August 2017

Statistics has been created and added to the Navigation.

Team Export to PDF no longer duplicates the Athlete Listing.
Admin Page- Can Now Alter the Association and Club that a User Account Belongs To
Admin appears in Navigation if the Logged in account has Admin privileges.

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