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Meet Management
- Professional Planning Services

- Meet Management and Communication

- Parent Portal for Meet Information

- Event Book Design and Printing

Electronic Meet Scoring
- Computer Driven Scoring System w/Tie Breakers
- LED Flat Screen Score Boards
- Wireless Input Devices at each judge location
- Professional Results Packet
- Verification Sheets for Judges and Coaches
- Results in 5 Minutes!!
- Real-Time Web Based Results
Event Sound System - All Professional Sound Gear
- Event Announcement Systems
- Floor Music Systems

- Crowd Music and Entertainment
- Awards Announcement Systems 

Event Communication Services
- Professional Two-Way Walkie Talkies
- Event Internet Services  

Additional Event Options:
- Text Message Delivery of Scores - sign-up via Free INSIGHT Account
- Certificates for each athlete at the meet with results printed on them  

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