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Our Story: Have you ever been to a gymnastics meet and waited over 30 minutes for results?  Wondered if those scores were accurate? Couldn't read the "Flashers" or the scoreboards?  Trouble hearing the Floor Music?  Was the Energy level of the meet too low?  Did the meet run efficiently?  We've wondered all of those things.  That's why we created "ScoreFlippers."

Our Goal: Supporting Youth Gymnastisc and enhancing the Meet Experiences for Athletes and Spectators alike.  Gymnastics Meets Made Easy. Quick Meets. Great sound. Accurately Displayed Scores easy to read. And, the best part: We would like to start the awards ceremony with accurate results before you even have a chance to pick-up your cameras, babies, and snack wrappers from the stands.  No more waiting, no more discussion of how to break-ties and no more wondering if the results are correct.

Results are ready in less than 2 minutes!!!
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