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Recreational Course Summary:

Tumbling Tots Tumbling Tots is an interactive class designed for parent/caregivers and toddlers aged 16/17 months to about 3 years. This is a 45 minute class in which parents are out on the floor interacting with their gymnast. The course incorporates concepts of flexibility and coordination while introducing basic gymnastics concepts in a structured play environment.
Preschool Our Preschool class is targeted for children ages 3-5 who are ready to be independent on the equipment. No experience is necessary. Gymnasts will develop coordination and body positioning while learning skills within all 4 gymnastics events. Examples include springboard technique on the vault, walking forward and backwards on beam, jumps and rolls on the floor, and glide swings and toe touches on the bars. We also work on basic listening skills and following 1 step directions.
Mini Monsters Our Mini-Monster's class is designed for the advanced Preschooler. Successful completion of a preschool class is required. In this one-hour class, Preschool aged children continue to perfect previously learned skills while developing new skills such as squat-on for vault, cartwheels and bridges on floor, dismounts on beam, and casting and pullovers on bars. We also work on listening skills and following basic 1 to 2 step instructions.
Beginners Our Beginners class is designed for gymnasts who have passed Mini-Monsters or older gymnasts who are entering the recreation program. Beginners learn basic gymnastics skills on all of the competitive equipment. Beginners will do circle lifts, squat-ons, and handstand timbers on vault. They will learn cartwheels, round-offs, bridge back kick-overs, handstand limbers, and split leaps on floor. On bars they will do glide swings, pull overs, and back hip circles. Beam will consist of jumps, walking and round off dismounts. This is just to mention a few of the fun skills that these gymnasts will be learning!
Advanced Beginners Our Advanced Beginners course is for the gymnast who has previously skill checked out of Beginners and who is ready to try more advanced skills on all of the equipment. Advanced Beginner gymnasts will continue to work on form and perfect previously learned skills while focusing on the circle lift and pop up on vault, round offs and bridges on floor, handstand and cartwheels on the low beam, and glide swings, pull-overs, and back-hip circles on bars.
Intermediates Our Intermediates class is designed for the gymnast who has successfully completed and skill checked out of Advanced Beginners. The Intermediate gymnast will continue to work on form and perfect previously learned skills while concentrating on more advanced skills including heel drive and handstand timber on the vault, handsprings and walkovers on the floor, cartwheels and handstands on the beam, and pullovers and stoops on the bars. Gymnasts successfully completing required skills may be asked to advanced to our team program.
Tumbling Trampoline Does your child want to learn how to do a front tuck, a roundoff, a twisting jump, a back tuck or just learn how to safely jump on a trampoline? If so, this class is PERFECT for you! We will work on how to safely enter and exit a trampoline, how to properly bounce, different jumping positions, flips, tricks, seat drops, twists, basic tumbling and much much more!

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Gym Bulletin Board:

Owatonna Gymnastics Club

1430 S Elm Ave    PO Box 162
Owatonna, MN



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