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 How To Register for a Meet

Question: How do I register my athletes for a meet?

      Find the Meet you want to participate in | Navigate to the Meet Details | Click on the REGISTER button.

Question: With a System this cool - How Much does it cost my gym?

      Meet Genie is built for practical use and real business with an effort on staying at the FREE for your gym to use price. We are supported by the registrations that process in our system.

Question: Is my Information Safe?

      Meet Genie collects a few details so that we can keep things straight. We secure and encrypt your information. We do not sell our names, lists, athletes to outside vendors. All information is kept safe and secure. We also obtain PCI Certification on an annual basis.

Question: Need a little extra help?

      "No Worries" - We have built our success on working directly with fans, athletes, moms, dad and coaches. We have been each of these - so it's great to hear stories. Reach out to us at MeetGenie@scoreflippers.com and we'd be happy to help.

Question: How will I know if a Registration Worked?

      You will get email confirmations of any registrations, costs, changes, etc. Watch for these - sometimes they like to hide in the "SPAM" folder. BTW - we are from Austin MN, home of SPAM, oh so yummy!

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